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The most complete meat choices available

You'll find high-quality meat products in a variety of preparation states all to make sure your cooking is easy and delicious! Be sure to ask about our gift boxes sold by weight!




Bacon-Wrapped Fillet USDA Choice Rib Steak USDA Choice Ribeye USDA Choice Top Sirloin
USDA Choice Chuck Steak USDA Choice T-Bone USDA Choice Porterhouse Hawaii Rib Eye


(Seasoned and ready to cook)

USDA Choice Prime Rib
Boneless Rolled Roast


Rib Eye Batayaki Chopped Sirloin Steak
Hamburger Ground Sirloin
Chuck Roast Rib Stew Meat
Boneless Stew Meat  


Batayaki Chopped Pork
Boneless Pork Chops Cutlet Slices
S/S Style Spareribs  


King Crab Legs Soft Shell Crab with Seasoning
Cold Water Lobster Tails Ono
Mahimahi Scallop Salad
Miso butterfish Teriyaki butterfish


Kalbi Steak Boneless Kalbi Shortribs
Kalbi Beef Kalbi Shortribs
Boneless kalbi chicken Teriyaki beef
Teriyaki pork Seasoned pulehu steak
Slavanic steak Boneless char siu chicken
Spicy BBQ pork Spicy BBQ chicken


Kimchee and scallop Kimchee scallop charsiu and vegetable

Cured Meats

Luncheon meat Thick-sliced bacon
Goteberg Smoked pork chops

Heat and Serve

Smoked chicken Smoked BBQ chicken
Chicken lau lau Smoked pork
Kalua pork Miso pork
Sweet sour spareribs Char siu pork
Kalbi oxtail Pork lau lau


Dried abalone Shoyu beef jerky
Black pepper beef jerky Chili pepper & shoyu beef jerky
Teriyaki beef jerky Spicy teriyaki
Ahi black pepper Ahi chili pepper
Ika jerky  


Marrow Knuckle


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